Friday, August 24, 2012

A safari in Poole

I mentioned in my last post that I visited Poole for the day. It was like being in Europe. The sunny Mediterranean Europe that is...not Scotland, Europe!

I was in London, staying with my friend Tania, (who was my first visitor in Uganda), meeting her lovely daughter Polly and sweltering in the summer heat. She had the brain wave of visiting her parents and brother at the seaside. Brilliant idea!

Tania and I went for a jetski safari (thank you, Ross!) to cool off. (I actually think Tania just wanted to get-me-back for all the bumpy long drives in Uganda!) I had a go at driving, but was happy to let Tania take I could concentrate fully on holding on tight!

It was so much fun and I highly recommend the safaris, it was a thrilling way to see the beautiful Jurassic Coast. It was also a great way to end my summer in the UK.

I am leaving the UK tomorrow, saying au revoir to; reading in bed in the morning, radio 2, cash-back, the weekend papers, green grass, wine (oh my God...why am I going!!!???) and of course having to say goodbye to my mum. (As I said earlier, I feel like I have been saying goodbye all holiday, but my mum gets the last one at the airport!).

So, back to a place that was 'home' to me a while ago. I'm off to Kuwait. Where I have lived twice before in my life. The first time as a teenager and went to school there for a couple of years, then later as a teacher, where I lived, before Africa , for four years. And again, now. A bit older and wiser (well-I like to think so anyway!)

It is definitely the end of the has rained now for two days. I must be ready...I've changed my mailing address on my profile on Facebook (the equivalent of redirecting my mail), my visa in glued into my passport and my bladder bag is filled with gin. (Tut tut-the things we do!)

So, I really have said goodbye to Africa, for now at least. So 'and beyond' I go-hence the change to my blog name. Thanks to the lovely Rachel at Tunes and Spoons for giving my blog a new look. I really love it, hope you do too!

Deep breathes. Here I go!


  1. Love the new look blog - very fancy! And good luck on starting again. I know what its like. can you take duty free??

  2. a bit oh la la, isn't it!?

    Duty free-well-not if they find it. bladder bags are best! Bit nerve racking though!

  3. Oh, I didn't realize you were not going back to Africa. Well, I guess I might be interested in your adventures in Kuwait too :-)
    Good luck and have a good trip.

  4. Oh you're to lucky to be traveling to different countries and seeing new places! Safe travels back home!

  5. Kuwait!? Well have fun! Is this for another teaching job or is it hush hush?

  6. Wow, it sounds like London was an amazing time. But don't be sad about leaving Africa - I am sure an amazing adventure lies ahead!

  7. I gave you the Liebster Award on my blog

    Your life sounds like an adventure!

  8. Hi Kyria-yes another teaching job-don't do anything exciting enough for it to be hush hush, unfortunatly! :)

    Thanks Shelia-lets hope so!

    Jodi-thanks. I don't have internet at the moment (just borrowing a friend's right now)-but when it is sorted I will pop over to your blog to say hello!

  9. amazing photos!!
    like your blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)


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