Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where is the world is Kenya?

I go to the hairdressers once a year, give or take (!). I look forward to it. I don't own a hairbrush or a hairdryer (shock horror), so it is a bit of a treat! But between my hairdresser ranting about her teenage daughter (whilst I am thinking-'watch what you are cutting, watch what you are cutting...') and conversations with the young assistant that washed my hair...I won't be rushing back.

Let the mane remain!!

Hairwasher-"Kenya. Now, where is that again?"
Me- "Hmm, (Oh My God!!) it is in East Africa."
Hairwasher-"Oh. It is really bad I don't know that in't it?"
Me-"Mmmm (YES!!!!!), welll, you'll see the Kenyan flag lots during the athletics, they have good runners." (Mmmm-what do you say!)
Hairwasher-"I'm just back from Magaluf me."

The athletics start tomorrow! Yeahhhhh! 
Watch out for that flag!


  1. Here in the U.S., almost everybody I talk to has a general idea, at least, of where Kenya is--but they're usually at a loss as to Tanzania. I'd always say, "It's just to the south of Kenya."

  2. I saw the Kenyan swimmer yesterday in the Olympics on TV! Yea, Kenya!

  3. Um yeah. That's awkward. I hope she at least knew it was in Africa. Also, I only go to the hairdresser about once a year, give or take, as well!


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