Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lately, in London

At the airport
self check-in machine-"You are too early to check-in for your flight."
me- "I think the machine is not working. It says it is too early to check in".
BA lady- "Oh, don't worry, just go to the bag drop."
me to Bag drop lady-"I think the check-in machine is not working. It says I am too early."
Bag drop lady-"You are too early to check-in for your flight. A day early."
me- (Oh dear!) "What day is it?" (Why did I ask that?)
Bag drop lady-"Thursday."
me -"Yep, that's the day I was planning to fly on." (Oh God-am such an idiot!)

So, 5 days in London town. Exhausting, but oh so much fun. Plus, I must have lost about a stone due to sweating so much...score!!

I even got in a wee trip to the seaside at Poole - it felt like a proper holiday. (Well that is after I was given my visa for the land of sand-and what a palaver that was!I may tell you more about it, but if I don't, you haven't missed much-it is all such boring bureaucracy that is just bollocks.)


  1. My German friend Georg went to London for a short weekend. That Icelandic volcano with the unpronouncable name erupted and all flights were grounded. He didnt get back to Hamburg for well over a week!

  2. Nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details are on my blog.


  3. Well, that's much better that I did, arriving a day late to the airport, back to Europe from last Christmas in the US.
    Btw I'm reading a very nice novel, based in Africa, Naipaul's A bend in the river.You might like it if you haven't read it already. Or you can always wait for its review in my blog :-)

  4. oh dear Pet-better to be early than late!

    Yes- I have read A Bend in the River-loved it!

  5. Oh, just been reading about your travels - sounds so lovely. I hope you're not being overwhelmed by post-travel admin! x

  6. Oh no! So you had an extra day in London or you changed your flight? I love your new blog design; it looks great!


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