Friday, June 8, 2012

What I've been reading lately

I needed some advice...

On the weekend I caved in and bought a couple new books. (I said I wouldn't, I don't have money, have reports to write, yadda yadda yadda). Anyhow, I went straight to the balcony of a cafe and started reading it. And didn't stop.

The book description (from Amazon) -

A new way of looking at feminism from one of our funniest writers

My thoughts -

 I read this book not long after reading Tina Fey's book. Quite similar in style, Caitlin often putting herself down for the sake of humour. But there are less 'in' jokes in this book, even men don't have to be 'in' the women camp to find it funny, plus it is British- therefore funnier (to me...).

I seriously laughed out loud at parts. A favourite being when she was talking about a woman's choice to have a baby and her experience as a young mum, juggling life as a journalists with being a parent.
'And we were so exhausted that we had to simply give up the project, downgrade to something easier, and less vital,' I continued, eating dry coffee granules, for energy.'

This book has been on the best-seller chart for a while, but reviews are very mixed. I can understand why. In some ways it was quite repetitive; explaining what a feminist is, not a man-hater you see. Someone who wants equal rights, not who thinks they are better than men. See-easy to understand. No need to repeat it, or even stand on a chair and shout it out (as suggested in the book). I am a feminist. I bet you are too.But no need to shout about it.Moran also uses capital letters QUITE A LOT...gets the point across though! But hey, the book was funny (did I mention that?)


  1. I need a good book....I may just have to get this one. Sounds like my kind of read :)

  2. Sounds like a fun read!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That sounds so good! Thanks for sharing, I'll read it!

  4. Yay! This is totally up my alley! British humour + feminism = love. Thanks for sharing, I'm legit putting this on my list (it may even bud up a few spots). Haha!

  5. jennie-glad you are 'legit' putting it on your list! :) enjoy

  6. Funny is good. British humour is great. And yes, feminism isn't about hating men, although I suppose some of them do. Just like some of those who aren't probably do too.

  7. yes, i love british humor as well. and it always makes me laugh when people don't understand what a feminist is! haha

  8. you've got to get to the Fringe then Kimberly

  9. Oftentimes I'll overlook weaknesses from a writer if it's funny. I love a good laugh!


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