Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last weekend I visited  Diamond Plaza, (known as‘Little India’) for the first time since I arrived in Nairobi. It reminded me of Fahaheel in Kuwait. More of a souq than a ‘mall’. Shiny plastic statues of Ganesha, ‘cheap-cheap’ DVDs and sparkly synthetic dresses that would stick to you as soon as you walked outside. Places to get your Kindle fixed and to buy an ‘almost real’ Blackberry. I liked it. 

I was there hunting for 'cheap cheap' make-up for my production. It made a change from writing reports and marking test papers. As that is all I seem to do lately, that, or rehearsing with Witchy Girls and Hunks or running, trying to rack up the last few kilometres, before the ‘Toughest Marathon (Half!) in the World’! (Not the best selling point of the run in my eyes!) Other people seem to have more time; time to send me e-mails. (12 days and they still want to spend the time writing emails!) 

12 days!

So friends. I am sorry if you have not heard from me in a while. I’ll see you on the other side!


  1. My you are a busy one! Best of luck for getting through it all marvellously! x

  2. little india!! sounds like a dream to me:):)

  3. Oh Maxabella-thank you! I need the luck I think...! x

    Allie - it sound a lot more glamourous than it was-but , hey, you can always have more plastic gold Ganeshas! :)

  4. Great blog. I've been looking for new expat blogs, especially about Africa. I read your quote about loving it and also wrote about whether or not I was in love with Africa (we live in Djibouti), so appreciate your words.

  5. Jones- thank you! Glad you found me!

    Dancing Branflake...the dress rehearsal (to our first audiance) went well-so fingers crossed it will be a hit!

  6. ps-i don't know why this post has super small writing...thanks for reading it anyway!


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