Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday!

Dear Polly Elizabeth Piper, Welcome to this beautiful world. I haven't seen any photos of you yet, but I am sure you are as beautiful as your name. Dear working week, You have been one of the busiest and most tiring, but there was still time for two great runs, yoga, sushi and beers with friends. Thank you! Dear Future-Surf-Owner, I know you want to buy my Surf, I just haven't met you yet. Why not save me a little stress and get in touch sooner rather than later. Dear Dad, It's Father's Day on Sunday! Happy Father's Day! Looking forward to seeing you in Dubai. Not long now! Dear Running Buddies, Even after a horrid day at the 'w' thing, you help me to put my trainers on and make me feel better. Dear Kampala Fair, I am so excited to see my skirt and dress that will arrive on Monday. Dear Colleagues, I really hope you have a good weekend, so that when I see you on Monday you might be a bit happier! Dear Pupils, Even when I am having a bad day at the 'w' thing, I never get sick or tired of you. You are all my favourites! Dear Bed, You and me are going to spend some time together this weekend (starting soon). I can't wait!

I haven't been reading much this week. I think it will be like that until the summer. So today I thought I would write a letter or two. I love getting mail!


  1. I love these Friday letters. Gorgeous picture, too!

    PS - Thanks for stopping by Big Mario Life :)

  2. sounds like you had one busy week chica! hope your weekend was relaxing. and i so get you about the running buddies! really helps get ya in motion no?

  3. lovely letters!! found you via the link up xo


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