Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running in Nairobi - more notes

Nairobi is such a funny place. I wish I wrote about it more, tried to explain it, but it is so hard too.

Sometimes I am not its greatest fan. At first, after Kampala, the fact that I could buy fresh milk or good bread or decent chocolate made me happy. (and a lot of the time it still does). I sometimes joke to friends that I need to go to my favourite cafe, it might have been a while, and I think the waiters will worry about me! (Report writing has made me even more regular!!) But there are lots of things that I don't like about this city. The cost of the city being a big negative

But the fact that I can put on my trainers and run to the forest or on the roads on the quiet valleys is something I love about Nairobi.

Enjoying running is a gift here. On quiet Sunday mornings, running passed locals in their 'best' waiting for their Matatu to get to church or people walking to work or from a night shift. Nobody shouts 'mzungu' or giggles (like in Kampala), nothing is a surprise (not even the passing Hummer H1), but if you shout 'Jambo' passer byers look pleased and return the greeting. Passing little make-shift dukas (shop) with music blaring out but then in places it is so quite as you tread the roads, you can spot two hornbills in the avocado tree and some monkeys swinging from the branches.

Or, now that the rains have stopped, on a trail run in the forest. Passing a runner or two, if I'm lucky spotting a diki-dik hidden behind trees and bushes.

I feel like I have had little time this year to enjoy Africa. My runs are my time to do that.


  1. We used to go running every day in Stellenbosch on a little dirt trail in the mountains, it was like our thing. Since moving to Jo'burg we only run on treadmills at the gym and I miss running outdoors so much. Your running trail looks blissful :)

    In Rwanda they called us Mzungus all the time, so funny!


  2. Sounds great Jenna!Not the gym bit-I only last about 20 minutes on a treadmill-the running in Stellenbosch..evening runs followed by wine!?

  3. That looks like a stunning trail! I would love to visit Kenya someday

  4. Megan-jut came out of the forest after an evening run. Was fantastic. A great way to finsh the working day. You must come to kenya!

  5. I love running for that very reason -- it really gives you a way to explore your surroundings in a more intimate way, as well as to enjoy them and see/hear/feel all the beauty around you!


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