Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ndali Lodge- a younger, twinklier crowd

Flicking through May's issue of Tatler (oh la la....which was in the staff room by the way...) I came across the 'Where to escape the crowds' travel article.

All of the places mentioned were ridiculously expensive heavenly, but none more than my favourite place in Uganda; Ndali Lodge

OK, so I wasn't in the magazine...but I still showed it to everyone, saying; Look, I've been there.(I didn't pay those rates though..!)

I've been lucky to go a number of times actually, with different friends and visitors; Tania, my Mum and Dad on our Christmas safari, for one of Heather's last weekends (we nearly didn't make it...), with Jane, Sven, Ange and Scott on my first safari in Uganda and most recently with Niamh, when I went back to Uganda at Easter.

It is such a special place that I had to tell you MORE about it (because I haven't mentioned it enough on my blog!).These are some photo from my last visit.

Deserves its place in the magazine...don't you think? My favourite line from the article was something like, '...similar to the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi, but with a younger, twinklier crowd.' Ha! I like it!


  1. It looks amazing! Africa has an beauty that really takes your breath away. Love your blog! Simone*

  2. That's beautiful! I would love to go swimming in that lake! So serene!

  3. Thank ou Simone!

    Kyria-I was the only one in the group that did (this most recent trip)-and I was the only one that got sick! But it was oh so worth it!


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