Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More about my 'Feel Good' weekend

I'm still thinking back to my amazing weekend 'away' here in Nairobi, with the Ngong hills just poking out in the distance.

I love getting in my car and driving for 45 minutes and feeling like I have escaped!

The weekend was full of good food and laughing out loud with new and even newer friends.(Agathe did a great job of capturing the weekend on photos...only a couple of shots are mine.)

Oh yeah, we did some yoga too! When we weren't around  table, I spent my time trying to find the little damn holes in my pelvis (!) and trying to get on my head without someone standing behind me (I am such a scaredy cat!).By the second day I found it tricky enough to just stand.


 (That would be me in the black trying to get must have been when I was having a rest from watching everyone!!)

I left (as always!) determined to keep up  start my home practice or at least wash my yoga mat between lessons!

(PS- my friend and I received a voucher for a free night at the lovely Ngong House, where the yoga retreat was held, so I will tell you more about it after my next time!)


  1. Very cool and it really looks like a dream place. I've been doing yoga for a long time but never a headstand so good job for even trying.


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