Thursday, May 31, 2012


It was better than my experiences of medicals in Kuwait; where you are shuffled around from one unmarked door to the next, not knowing what was going on, like cattle on a ranch. But still...after waiting for over 30 minutes, to go from one doctor to the next, having blood tests then waiting for another half an hour for an x-ray...there were many other places I would rather have been.

I forgot to take a book and my phone is only the source of so much entertainment.  (I don't even have Solitaire on it!)

I was taken from one waiting area, which was under construction (I thought it was too rude to take a photo-but it was quite comical really) to another, a shinier one, where the four staff were huddled round the television. 30 more minutes, I was told. Nobody else seemed in a hurry, happy to watch the Afro-Sinema. I though, couldn't quite face the Nigerian soap, the over acting, the drama, with dialogue going in and out of is nearly, not quite, but nearly as bad as The Bold and the Beautiful.

I was tempted by the 2008 copies of The Japan Journal (!) in the waiting room...but my name, 'Mzungu' (oh yes-that name-used for white foreigners) was called just in time.

I know I shouldn't complain...a Sykes monkey was in my garden today, getting a snack from the avocado tree...I know I shouldn't complain...but I just did!


  1. A monkey in your yard today!! Wow! Lucky!

  2. TAG! You're it!

  3. I would have gone crazy without my iPhone or a magazine too.

  4. No matter where you are, doctors offices are always the same! The waiting is horrible!

  5. Kyria-you are so right.
    Jamie-a monkey in the garden makes up for the waiting

  6. I love your blog, and I'm so so so so in love with traveling, I just haven't got to do it as much as I'd like. Keep writing!


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