Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maple Nut Granola

Friends of mine at the 'w' place were laughing at me the other day, as I spent my whole evening (and admitted it!) at home looking (with my tongue hanging out) at the Martha Stewart website!

I wish I could be that creative! I'm I have mentioned before..!

Anyhow, I decided to make a few homemade gifts this Christmas. When I was younger it was snowballs and truffles, then the past few years I have made chutneys. This year I thought I would make granola. A funny kind of gift, but granola is expensive here, so I thought I would have a go-as you can actually buy flax seed, wheat germ and lots of other gems here. Anyhow, by the time I bought all the ingredients I would have been better off buying a box of Dorset's and decanting it into a jar with a home made tag on it!

Hey ho-it's the thought...

I used a recipe from this lovely blog, but I used dried blueberries instead of cranberries and I left out the coconut.


  1. Great idea -- I love it, and it definitely is the thought that counts!

  2. Good idea, hand made presents are special. We should all do this things instead of expending stupid money in more and more presents!

  3. YUM! And, so thoughtful! So happy to check in and see this post.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. thanks-hope my friends that receive it like it!


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