Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trying to be Martha

To myself...

Oh, that looks cute...

Don't count them yet, you still have lots to do...

Another broken one, shame. One for me, one for you, one for me...

Stop eating the cookies, you are going to run out...

Do I really need to give one to everyone!!?? Yes...

But, the office staff can just have a jar. It is easier for me for them to share!..

God, I need a glass of wine. How many more do I need to do!??

Oh-don't bother writing your name on the tag- it's quicker more fun guessing who gave the cookie!..



  1. I'll have 1...2...maybe 3 please! Those look yummy and I think your cookies can stand up to Martha's any day! New follower to your blog by way of ftlob. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :D

  2. Cute post! We're making cookie trees this year!

    Showing some comment love from FTLOB


  3. The commentary made me laugh. Those cookies, even the broken ones, look yummy. Hope you're recovering from the hike. :)

  4. hehe-thanks VV. Think I am going to blog more often with a glass of wine in my hand!


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