Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reason 6 for living in Kenya

After literally 5 weeks of rain. The seasons have changed. The sun makes everything better.
Happy Holidays!


  1. I like the photos! I like the rainy days...

  2. yes-but there was a lot of rain...great to have the sun out.i'm sure even the farmers are happy now

  3. Seems the only time I've seen Africa in the news recently has involved laws introduced or passed that ban homosexuality (particularly in Uganda). So how do Kenyans feel about this issue, if they discuss it at all, since Uganda is next door?

  4. jkk-Thanks for visiting my blog-tough question though.

    Homosexuality is still illegal here in Kenya. i have gay friends in both Uganda and Kenya-but really-it is a subject that we (even close friends) don't talk about much. There are some district commisioners in Kenya (like Kate Mwanza) that want to follow in the suit of Uganda-and try to make tougher laws to persecute those breaking the law.
    However not every 'mn on the street' fees this.
    Some areas of Kenya (like the coast) is known for having a more liberal feel/atmosphere-when it comes to homosexuality. I recently read an article in the news about Ugandan refugees coming across the border (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10320057) to escape tough persecution-or fleeing for there lives after the Kato death. They come though, not really to a safe haven-but to name calling and still, they live in a country where there sexuality is illegal.

    -It really is a big subject to discuss-but not one I will bring up in the staffroom at my work place! Hope I have answered your question a little though...

  5. thank you very much! I appreciate it.


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