Friday, December 2, 2011

3BT-Arriving, preparing for the afterlife and catching snowflakes

3 Beautiful Things

1. Once I leave my neighbourhood, the road to work, through the valleys, is a quiet one. The muddy roads around the 'w' place are so pretty. I stopped for a moment.

2. My class presented their pyramids today. Tombs filled with photos, food and jewels. They were so proud to have completed their challenge!

3. Run Club ran around the grounds finding snowflakes. Sliding in mud, big smiles and laminated snow. It could have been an Ariel advert!


  1. The muddy road seems to breath!

  2. thats a nice way of putting it Pet- it does- lives and breathes

  3. I think I would have liked to slide in the mud, too. There is this volcano not very far from where I grew up, a mud volcano. I slid down that volcano several times and had the best time of my life :) I ended up covered in mud..I will blog about that someday.


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