Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Making!

I go through phases where I have to get creative! I have the urge to listen to my music and make something. I am not artistic, so my creativity has it limits...I may just make a batch of oatmeal and raisin cookies until the feeling passes!
For example, I have just this second finished painting my shelving unit blue!

Why? Well, my tiny flat is full of my photos or batiks I have stretched and framed. The walls have already been painted and stenciled...the shelves were the only thing left untouched!

During my non-contact periods at school (when I should be writing reports!) I often surf the Martha Stewart website. I love it! Who knew framed handkerchiefs looked so good on a kitchen wall!!?? Or that wellingtons made such great plant pots!!??

This is not such a new thing. In Kuwait I was into scrap booking for a while, then photography etc. I once made an entire photo frame our of sharpened coloured pencils. Buying all the resources, sharpening all the pencils to the same short length, gluing them all onto the heavy card;  it took hours...and was a piece of crap! It looking much better in the magazine (!)..but I enjoyed the process.
I think, "oh, I can do that, I can make that oilcloth lunch bag tote, Martha says it's easy, you's Simple, yet effective...!!!!???? "
As I said, my artistic flare has its limits. An artist friend recently asked me if I would like to take up and internship at one of the local art galleries on the weekend!!HAAAA!!! I think I'll stick to painting shelving units...and writing this blog!