Friday, June 25, 2010

On hold...

Procrastinating...a subject for many, this time of year. In the time that I should be writing reports I have manged to tidy my desk (the first time I can see a bit of the table in quite some time!) and caught up with friends all over the world. I haven't written so many e-mails/cards/ read so many blogs, for months! I have also gone for 3 runs this week and watched quite a lot of sport...even the F1 on Sunday...fallen on hard times for sure! 
We teachers just want to be enjoying our do the pupils!
My African Adventures are on hold until June 10th...when we break up from school.
So...I have stolen this idea from my friend, she won't she can then read it and procrastinate some more!!!
A waste of time...a bit of fun!

What experience has most shaped you and why?

I am sure when I am 92 years old I may be able to answer this question a bit better. I don't necessarily think that moving around or travelling the world shapes people, but the people you meet, do.  Friends, family and acquaintances who share experiences, stories and knowledge that you then carry on with you -passing on to others; stories, knowledge and experiences. The people around shape us, this is why we need to pick those people close to us so carefully.
If you had a whole day with no commitments what would you do?

Probably nothing and I would hate it-I like commitments. I have always been like that, even when I was younger I would need to know EXACTLY what time I would have to leave the swimming pool...before I got there! I need a running buddy to get me out in the morning or a lunch date with friends. I guess it depends where in the world I am, what I would love to do. A wonder round shops with Jo after a glass of wine at Ricks, where I will inevitably buy a VERY expensive pair of sunglasses from Harvey Nichols, is always a favourite!

What food or drink could you never give up?

Wine and pasta. I could be more detailed; jumbo prawns with ginger, or fresh basil and tomato. Honestly though-it would just be because I think I would starve-pasta and pesto is my staple....the wine goes without saying! My favourite would be a glass of Rioja from Cockburn street on a cold afternoon in Edinburgh!
If you could travel anywhere, where would that be and why?
I would love to be in the position where jetting home all the time is not a thought or an extravagant holiday. I have times where  I pine for Europe; my holiday last year to Italy set a benchmark...long lunches, art galleries, wine tours, cycling and lots of public affection... perfection! At the moment though I also have a massive urge to go to Alaska and BC, Canada. They may seem strange choices, but I think I am ready for Western civilization once more!

Who do you have a crush on?

Crushes are so important in life.  Most of my crushes are on my gorgeous friends who make perfect partners with my other gorgeous friends. I have met a couple of people recently who are perfect 'crush' material; handsome, smart, talented, funny, charming... don't live in Uganda! I also have a few celebrity crushes; Anderson Cooper being high on the list! I go to watch CNN at the gym especially!

When was the last time you cried?

Actually, last night. I am not sure why. I read a great article recently about tears being love and every time you cry you should think, 'this is because of love' . It could be love for a boy or a girl, yourself,'s love. Oh, I cried because I was ready a true story about how a circus elephant was executed by Jefferson in America for not performing her tricks. That made me very sad!
What recent event has made you sad?

Apart from the elephant!!???A couple of things both involving friendships. One; realising that I had upset a good friend of mine. She cried, we hugged, I made tea and hopefully she will understand my stupidity and run again with me soon.
The other was realising that the more chances I give a friend they will continue to disappoint me. This person should only be on the peripheral of my life; that has made me sad.

What recent event has made you angry?

This probably is not angry, but disgusted; that people will stand in-line for 36 hours for a new gadget that will be 'old' in a couple of months. Do they not have better things to do with their lives!!??They could go and try and clean up the oil spill for one.

What are you looking forward to?
At the moment, so much. Spending time with friends, relaxing on holiday and catching up with a friend that left Uganda,  family and friends in Scotland, upcoming wedding, visitors to Uganda next year, the next step in my career, tennis on Sunday, starting a new book tomorrow in bed...

I have now procrastinated for long enough...and made you do the same!