Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready, Set, Enjoy!

A couple of weeks ago we were told at school that we had to work at the annual Fun Day!
Now, any event with the word 'fun' in it leaves me a bit dubious. Yes, between the hours of 12-7pm, I was supposed to have 'fun'. Set times for fun never seems to work; it's like an over-planned night out that never gets started!

Never the less, I had heard the stories of the previous year's event and it did sound fun! It basically is, yet another excuse, for the owner of the school to hold an event in the impressive school grounds and spend huge amounts of money on the teachers and parents at the school, reminding them (us) why they either work their or send their beloved children to the school. He does this by feeding them very well and by getting them all rather tipsy on free booze!

So, when we were told that we would have to 'work'  you can imagine that a few eyebrows were raised in the staffroom. As the event approached were were asked to sign-up for activities; we then realised that an 'adults only' team game would count as 'work'.

I spent Saturday in a 6 legged race, spinning around a pole (copius amounts of beer was also consumed), getting an egg repeatedly thrown at me...until it cracked...and then taking part in relay races in the pool.

And you know what...the clue was in the was a Fun Day!
I have a great job!