Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nairobi News

Westgate; the shiny modern mall that attracts so many people in Nairobi to shop, drink, eat frozen yogurt, have the best red-grape martini's, write reports on a rainy day in Artcaffe, go to the cinema and catch up with friends over beer.
My thoughts are in Kenya. Thankfully the flurry of messages coming in from friends all say that they are safe.


  1. So tragic. I wish we saw less of this in the news rather than (what feels like) more and more.

  2. I think Africa should be in the news more- people are all so aware of the affairs in the Middle East, mostly due to oil. Africa needs more attention ( not in terms of aid). They have it now, , in the worst way, everyone is watching, but what will happen next. Awful awful news.


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