Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A random post with bullet points

I've written a few post recently, all a bit random and I've not been brave enough to publish them.
At a loss of what to write about really, but my good friend said he liked my "self absorbed drivel"...a compliment if there ever was.

So, I'm going to go with bullet points-

  • It has been so humid lately that sunglasses can't be worn. Hopefully this is a sign that there will be a break in the weather and it will start to cool down.
  • I just joined a gym/beach club. I am still pretty nervous about going and not very relaxed there ( I get like that) - it does not help that it is a communal changing room and I got stuck in my sports bra the other day. (Think Miranda, then think of me! I blame the heat) Three random ladies watched on in amusement. I had to then leave. True story. Going to change at school tomorrow- just in case! ( My running buddy and I laughed about this for a good 5 minutes- but it is not so funny when you are by yourself!)
  • An ex-boyfriend got married in the summer. His wife is a member of the same gym...same communal  changing rooms. Oh dear God.
  • I recently found out that swans are mute for most of their lives, then only sing before they die. Hence the term 'swan song'. Factoid for you for free.
  • Someone at my 'w' place got emotional during a training meeting and cried over how much progress she had seen because of suchandsuch initiative. I think she knew from my face what I was thinking! (I like this person a lot I might add, but really...)
  • At the 'w' place, the phrase, "Well, in the UK..." is used a lot. A lot of people are getting peeved off with this, but not me, as I am known (in school, I should say) as the 'positive' one. Bare this in mind when you read my sarky posts about teaching. 
  • My day is mostly spent walking around the school with my class from A to corridor B, then watching them sweat in a playground with a tin roof. Today was 46 degrees Celsius-in that playground it was easily over 50.  This may be seen in abuse in some countries. A tin roof in the desert cannot have been anyone's first choice.
I realise that this maybe more random than some of the posts I didn't publish- but I'm going with it!

(A photo can make or break a post I feel!)


  1. it's always good to have a random...almost rant sesh X)
    glad to see you're brave enough to post yours!

    1. Did this come out as a rant?? Didn't mean it to be. Just sharing. Keeping the soap box for another time!

  2. Wow I didn't know that fact about swans either. It's kinda sad really :(

    1. It is really. I think they speak without words though.

  3. found this randomly, made me smile. i enjoyed your random thoughts! how awkward with the ex's wife...

    m |

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them. The changing room experience is getting better though!!

  4. Haha oh my goodness!! The communal changing rooms, plus an ex-boyfriend's new wife?!

    And I'd never heard this fact about swans before... that's so so sweet, thank you for sharing!

    46 degrees... yikes, I can't even imagine!!

    I love reading these random little thoughts so I'm glad you decided to publish this post. :)

    1. Thank you Christine! The changing room situation is going well, especially when I go at 6 am!
      I've not had time for a more thoughtful post or try to write with a maybe I'll do another random post! I'm that kind of girl anyway!


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