Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The African Adventurer has been writing. Guilt he says, made him write.
Now. It's taken him this long to be in touch. Maybe karma came a knocking or maybe somehow he knows it took me that long to get over him that now was the right time to get in touch. He's in some war torn jungle at the moment. Sent me a picture of his dinner, a slaughtered calf. He's a cowboy that one. Safari boots, Swahili and all. Still just needs that tiger moth plane. He writes and tells me his family are safe in Nairobi (thank goodness), but his friend was shot 3 times when he was caught up in Westgate, he survived, a lucky one.
The traffic was really bad this evening as I drove back from having plodded on the treadmill for 10km. An accident on the other side of the 30 (the expressway), caused massive delays as everyone slows to gawk at the bashed buses. I got frustrated. Then I remembered how blessed and lucky I am. How easy my life is and how it goes on as normal.

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