Monday, September 23, 2013

Date night

I suggested it thinking I could close my eyes and have a little nap.
It's been a long week and a two day 9-4 training course on my weekend has taken the little energy I had, out of me. But, I am trying to be more sociable, get myself out there a bit, meeting new people yadda yadda yadda; dinner and a nap in the cinema...this is me making an effort!

Choosing the film here is based on the running times; how much has been badly edited from the film. All the good parts are cut, the hugs and kisses, the guts and gore is enjoyed by all! (One of my 7 year old pupils decided to share the film he watched in the weekend, about dolls that came alive. 'oh thats nice ' i said. he went on to tell the class that the doll came alive in the car to strangle the driver. I googled this film...Child's Play. A kiss in Finding Nemo on the other hand...harram!!) We check the actual running times of the film on the Internet, then the running film time here in Kuwait and compare. Less than 3 minutes, not bad, that's the one we go for.


We choose our seating area; families. The front few rows of the cinemas are reserved for 'bachelors'. Single males and groups of lads, just in case they tried to pester any ladies, even sitting next to a stranger in the family section can cause quite a stir!

Almost instantaneously as the lights dim for the start of the film,  it seems dozens of hand help torches turn on. Mobiles. Cellphones. The lady next to me had one in each hand. The reminders at the start of the film are not heeded. The constant what's app whistle and chatting on the phone throughout the film 'keeps' the audience in Kuwait in a room with a big screen, rather than being transported to the the world we are watching.

Then the plot seems to thicken. What is this???? I had obviously not taken enough notice of the actual film synopsis. I hate scary films. If I wasn't stuck in the middle of the row I would leave the theatre, no doubt about it.

Are the outbursts of laughter from the audience due to nerves, are they also uncomfortable with all the violence (doubtful), or is there something lost in translation, or is it to do with the black supporting actor. It confuses me.

My nap is not going to happen. I spend most of the film behind my hands. There is a round of applause from the audience as the end credits roll. I had a headache when I left.


  1. I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience. I watched Prisoners yesterday and thought it was absolutely enthralling. Yes, it was a very dark movie, but I found it to be really interesting. It did mess with me though, still today I find myself thinking about it...

    1. I'm just a big scaredy cat- not my type of film- Sven though the cast was great. Anything involving children freaks me out...even thinking about it right now makes me look over my shoulder...

    2. Even though the cast was great...

  2. Ahh I'm so sorry that you didn't enjoy it especially after making an effort to get out and do something fun. I know that feeling I somehow always seem to get dragged in to watch scary films only to instantly regret it. Better luck next time :)

    1. Yeah- better film research required on my part!


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