Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've always wanted a tatoo-fact

This post is going to sound incredibly sad- as in, 'I am a loser', sad. Not, 'I am unhappy' sad. I realise that. I am still going to write it, then I will decide later if I will post it!

Saying farewell to Uganda  was hard, but I knew I was only heading next door. This time I am going a little further away and it is so hard to leave this green, lush land.I am leaving Africa. (Today in fact!) Leaving. My blog, 'Africa, My Africa' therefore has to change or I start up another one. The idea that I would leave the title behind, and Africa just made my chest tight. My heart doesn't want to go you know. I sometimes thought I might make my home on this continent. But, at the moment, it is good to go, I can always come back.

But, back to my blog, I don't want to start a new blog- as I will miss seeing photos of my adventures in Africa. Plus, it was hard enough trying to think of a blog title the first time round. Maybe I should just adapt it, like add, 'and beyond...'.

I joke that I think my life will bracketed into BA (Before Africa) and AA (After Africa) time periods. I am going back to the land of sand, a place I used to call home, but I think I have changed lots in the time that I have been away. Everyday my life is influenced by the people that live in this continent and the beauty that it holds.

I first met my lovely friend, Jane, in Kuwait, when we started work at the same school. It was her husband Sven, that I actually remember being friendly with first. Jane had just left Uganda after living there for 10 years and had not stopped crying since departing her beloved home. She would only come up for breath (between hiccups!) to talk about Uganda and life there. I knew I would love Africa, so I couldn't do anything but go and see why she was making such a fuss. I now know.

East Africa has been tattooed to my being. I am honestly not sure how I will be when I am not here anymore.

Oh-this did turn into a sad, 'I am unhappy', post- but I am not. There are lots of reasons why I am going to be running, skipping and dancing onto that plane...that is, once I have finished my 101 jobs to do before then!

Kwaheri Kenya! I'll be seeing you!


  1. Oh Africa will always be live again some time, to visit...

    I don't think you should change the name of your blog (especially if you're heart's still here and its not just a geographical thing!) I have a friend whose blog is called almost.thirty.three and she's not that anymore either so....!

    I read somewhere that (aside from the major things like death, divorce - and actually moving now that I think of it!) it takes 21 days (I think it was?) for you to return to your original state of mind. So if you end up broke and living on the street - 21 days to be back to your normal state of mind. Win the lottery? Same thing. Does that make sense? Not sure what I'm saying but...

    Hope you keep blogging!

  2. Good luck with the transition! I constantly go back and forth with my blog now that i've been living stationary in Seattle, but I always dream of travel so I kept it!

  3. Good luck with the transition! I constantly go back and forth with my blog now that i've been living stationary in Seattle, but I always dream of travel so I kept it!

  4. I don't think you need to change the blog. It's a part of you, even when you are not in Africa...maybe just alter your "byline". Have fun at home!

  5. Hope you will just add "And Beyond". Good luck with the move and look forward to hearing what comes next. x

  6. What wonderful memories you've made there. You're right, I'm sure it will always hold a very special place in your heart...

  7. This post is making me a little sad...the sad kind, not the loser kind ;) I hope you continue this blog! And the "and beyond" idea is actually kind of brilliant!

  8. I agree with Wendy, although I haven't been reading long, I think you should add 'and beyond'. Good luck on the move!

  9. Thank you all so much for your words.My body is now in Scotland, my head isn't here yet...somewhere in transit.

    Miranda - hello-21 days, doesn't seem long, but sure how resilient we are. I'm sure you are right,soon I will just be looking forward.

    A and B- I like that, plus life shouldn't be defined by a title

    Kyria-thanks-yes, I will change that.

    Wendy, Laura and Danielle-thank you...think I should go with that then!

    Kristin-You are right. My next stop is really just for a job, Africa was different.

  10. Oh I believe I know just how you feel! Our time in France has been cut short and the sadness at leaving to return to the US and the anticipation of new adventures are all mixed up right now. And with everything that needs to be done in the transition I've yet to really sit down and decide what to do about the (France) blog. Bon courage! (And nice to meet you), Femme au Foyer


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