Friday, July 27, 2012

Piecing it together -a visit from Team Canada!

One of the best things about living abroad and travelling, is meeting up with amazing friends in different places and connecting the different parts of your life together.

It is even better when reconnections take place in the sunshine in Scotland! It gives me a chance to be tour guide again, a job I love!

I love it around  Inverary, a trip home wouldn't be complete without a visit there!

So great to spend time with Team Canada before the Olympics! (You may have seen Heather on TV by the torch! :)


  1. That looks SO beautiful. My Grandfather was from Scotland. I hope to make it over there one day. And I know this post has nothing to do with fashion, but your outfit is REALLY cute.

  2. Scotland never ceases to amaze me! So gorgeous.


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