Monday, October 4, 2010

Shopping, Kampala style.

As I have written previously, shopping does not give you the same joy, here in Kampala, as it does in the shiny western world. Sweat beads form on my brow if there are more than two jobs or items on my 'list' in any one Saturday morning. Numerous shops have to be visited before any meal is prepared, especially for cook-club! This is now made more difficult with the temporary closure of our local goodmarket...super would be too strong a term! But, having said all that...I have picked up some great buys through car windows, road-side markets and other wonderful places in Uganda.

Some recent top-buys:
  • A battery-operated-mosquito-zapper-racquet . Not the most aesthetically pleasing item in my sitting room, but the most useful by far! I have actually just found out that I paid way over the odds, for this through-the-car-window buy...hey ho!
  • Papaya, by the truck load. Ever since I discovered that papaya can indeed taste good, once copious amounts of lime has been squeezed on them, I have been enjoying them while I wait for mango season!
  • Ugly Betty, Season 3 -  to be honest, this one wasn't even bought! Until recently I had never watched, or been inclined to watch this, but I have enjoyed all of two episodes so far!
  • A mobile phone with a flashlight...yes, it is worth spending all of $20 for this nifty addition! 
  • Belgium creme-fraiche ice-cream...can you believe you can find such a thing here...this, I think, is reason enough to stay for one more year in Uganda!
I'm sure I have forgotten lots of fantastic Ugandan buys. I'll update the list when I think of more!


  1. Papaya, mmm!! Yeah the lime makes it much tastier; spice it up a bit by adding vodka, sugar (castor disolves the best) and crushed ice. Papaya Caprioska; impress ur friends with that one. Love yer big bros!!

  2. Muchos gracias-cook club is Thursday-will try it out!


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