Monday, October 25, 2010

Safari stories to come...

I'm just back from 8 days on the road. My dusty car is in need of  some TLC and proof of  roads well travelled!

This was my first opportunity to be a 'tour guide' and I proudly showed-off My Africa. Roles included; scenic Sunday driver, safari rally-driver (when there was a hope of seeing lions!) twitcher spotter, accommodation manager, health and safety advisor, general local expert and of course safari game-park guide. The later I easily coped with in Murchison - "there is a giraffe, oh, another giraffe, now you see a family of giraffes" etc.

The adventure began by getting up-close and personal with hippos and giraffes and ended with a leisurely float (!) down the River Nile.
There are many stories to share and tell, but first I must dust off my 'teacher hat' and adjust to Kampala city life once more.

A day with the animals.

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