Thursday, October 7, 2010


Misled as I am, I think of myself as a healthy person. I exercise (on good weeks), my meals are cooked from scratch (no jars,no frozen meals), I have my 5 a day, I take supplements, I drink plenty of water and I sleep lots. I  might drink too much wine (sometimes!!) but I am not prepared to give that up, and I heard it was good for you!

That being said, I am not having the greatest month in health.

I am now google-diagnosing what is wrong with me.
At first I thought perhaps my bilharzia hadn't been 'killed off' as I am constantly tired. But my killer headaches and back pain don't fit into that category.So, perhaps I have Malaria. Everyone in Uganda gets Malaria...or is it just our teaching-assistants that it effects???
I wake up with a headache, think a glass of wine will help (not in the morning of course...!) and go to sleep with a headache. I can't read my book-club book because the words are too small and I just want to sleep once I am in bed.

My self-prognosis...ageing.

I have spent the evening checking my BUPA benefits plan and surprisingly enough, I am not covered for either Ageing or Puberty!


However, my Psychiatric Care is!

I need a holiday!

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