Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Last week I was kindly awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by ...and Bob's your uncle!
It has taken me a while to post my new award, as there are a few responsibilities that come along with accepting this award! Just like a real beauty contest!

7 things about me
Me, talk about me...oh, ok then...
  • I was born in Bahrain and feel at home hearing the call to prayer from the mosque.
  • I think I was a Jew in my past life!
  • When I was younger I wanted to be a STAR, then a pathologist, I think I just liked the word!
  • I would rather dance at a ceilidh than at a club.
  • I am happiest when eating good food and drinking wine with friends or family.
  • I only learnt to dive into a swimming pool at the age of 27, my friend Sven taught me in Falika.
  • I am a hasher (through and through). On-On!

Share the love
These are some of my favourite blogs that I am reading just now:
  • A Wee Bit of Cooking  - my recipe go-to, beautiful photos that always make me miss Scotland! 
  • 3limes  - a beautiful writer and photographer and friend in Uganda.
  • everyday musings - anyone else that loves food is alright by me!
  • the chirpy bird  - even photos of butter melting are great...yes, more food!
  • Long Story Short - she reminds me of my friend Erin and her posts make me smile! Now I want to go to Belize on holiday!
Hope you like them too!

If you have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award, do as I have, or read this, Jo makes it very clear :)


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