Monday, July 29, 2013

A postcard from BC, Canada.

Having an amazing time in BC. The weather has been fantastic since I arrived. I loved exploring Vancouver Island with my friend Heather- saw bears galore, bear cubs, a whale, seals, sea lions and caught my first salmon (I threw it back after a photo!)- a truly Canadian experience. My friends, Kari and Ed, got married and we celebrated for 3 days on a beautiful  acreage. I'm so pleased I was able to be there with them.
I'm now in Vancouver and making the most of my last week in Canada.
Wish you were here!
Lots of love
Robyn xx

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Reading

I'm off to Canada (Vancouver and Vancouver Island, returning via Dublin) tomorrow. I'll miss the slow pace of my day that I've relaxed into; a morning run, sometimes a swim, time for a Crabbie's ginger beer, reading- with the odd trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh. My body has relaxed; runs are getting tougher, shocked at the sudden movement, my trot is more of a slog now, but my mind is still turning and churning. I'm looking forward to a change of scene, to seeing friends and exploring new places.

I've been devouring books, a true sign of holiday hours. I love hearing and reading recommendations, so thought I would write a bit about a few of the books I've read recently and what I'm taking with me on my holidays.

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn - I started this on a long train journey. I had it on my list for a while- just because it was mentioned so often. I bought it straight away for a friend in need of a thrill(er). I loved the pace, the plot and the sides to the story, but the quick ending was frustrating.

The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler - This was part of a summer reading list on A Wee Bit of Cooking and it appealed to me. I had never read an Anne Tyler book before but I don't think I will seek any more of her novels out. Macon, the main character, is a dull, unlikeable man, set in his routines, but as he is forced out of his habits I became more involved with the characters in this slow paced story.

Red Dust Road   Jackie Kay -  I have just finished this wonderful book. Wendy, again on her blog, says she keeps  telling everyone she knows to read it and I'm going to be doing the same (my parents don't need to read it though as I've pretty much retold it to them at meal times word-for-word!). Jackie Kay takes the reader back and forth in time, on her journey to find out more about her birth parents; her birth mum from the Highlands of Scotland and her Nigerian father. Jackie Kay's real Mum and Dad are mentioned constantly throughout the book, and her love for them both is obvious- I can understand why, her Mum sounds amazing and I just loved her sense of humour. I just loved this book- in capital letters!

 The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry   Rachel Joyce - A friend called me the other day and started with, "You have 5 euros"...he was in a pay phone. I love the fact that he made time to recommend me a book. This has actually been on my list for a while and I'm looking forward to reading about Harold's unplanned adventure.

Wolf Hall   Hilary Mantel - I still have not read this and since I have suggested it as a book club read in Kuwait I will make sure I get round to reading this period drama this summer.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother  Amy Chua - Again this book has been on my list for a while, I even bought it for a friend as I thought it sounded so interesting. More than a guide to raising children (if there is such a thing) a book of cultures and family. (I'm starting this one on the plane!)

Better get on with my packing, I'm squeezing in a couple of soft-back books as well as my Kindle...that might result in one less pair of shoes going in my bag, but I don't even think my Kindle battery would last my first flight! Happy reading!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Three beautiful things from my Sunday:
  • A 14km run in the morning sunshine by the sparkling Gareloch. (The Dublin half is still going to be a challenge, but I'm just enjoying running at the moment and not thinking much about times or targets).
  • Reading (and finishing) this beautiful love story in the garden.
  • Watching and celebrating a Scot win Wimbledon! Get in Andy!!!

I'm now in full holiday mode...a bit of sunshine makes all the difference!