Tuesday, April 30, 2013

R&R in the Maldives

I've returned from the Maldives  feeling refreshed and relaxed.My trainers were worn today as proof of this new found energy.

My friend, Kat and I stayed on a little local island called Thulusdhoo.The island had about 3 little guest houses and the locals went out of their way to make the few tourists that they got feel happy...well..not too happy...being a Muslim country there was a strict ban on alcohol and bikinis! But honestly,we still feel our choice of island, rather than a resort island, was perfect.

Little daily activities on our local island kept me from thinking too intrinsically. Swimming along the coastline,fighting the current to the tree and back,working up to twice..then further still to the hammock. Snorkeling; which blocked all the white noise from our world as we explored another and making good use of the yoga mat I carried, by lying as a corpse in shavasana! Yes,the local island was perfect for the body and soul.

I found that fraction of myself that I gave away recently. I don't know how long, in the real world of the sandpit, I'll hold onto it.

Time had little meaning on our little island. The call to pray was unobtrusive, the calming of the waters in the late afternoon signaled time for sundowners and time when my friend and I really talked and shared;both enjoying the quiet in each others company throughout the day only broken occasionally  to share quotes from books we were reading or to discuses the size of the coconut we would share. As grateful as we were for some quiet, we both sought out mini adventures; befriending a local to teach us how to make rotis in her kitchen,a bit of night fishing,exploring a nearby island and teaching a local boy how to win at Uno (a life long skill I feel!) were enough to make us fall asleep soundly at the end of each day.

The last morning, we rose for sunrise, to enjoy one more morning swim in the shallow clear waters.We didn't meditate,but in our own way,in our quiet on the beach,we were resetting the balance of life and preparing ourselves for the journey back and returning to the sandpit.

We said goodbye to the local island that had quickly become home and made our way to the airport,sighting flying fish and dolphins,whizzing by private boats and resort islands. As the plane then took off over the turquoise waters,my breathe was taken away,just as it was when we arrived 6 days earlier.The sandy shallow waters with a likeness to craters on the moon;the sea a spectrum of colours from aqua to dark blue,stunningly beautiful.I'm going to save those images for a rainy day.

Right life,I'm ready for you, give me your best shot!

PS - Amazing as it was, I was very excited about being able to have a coffee with fresh milk. Sometimes, it is the little things!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Postcard from the Maldives

This is where I am hanging out at the moment.
A holiday in heaven.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Currently thinking about-the Boston Marathon bombing. This tragic event has led my friend to sign up for next year's race. Good on you, Colin! Such is the camaraderie and spirit of marathon runners.

Currently listening to- Milo Greene.Can't get sick of their album. Also loving Laura Mvula (have a listen to Green Garden if you don't already know it).

Currently reading- A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltze. I only just started it, not being able to wait for the holidays...I am engrossed already.

I recently finished two books that I wanted to share:
Melisande!What Are Dreams by Hillel Hakin; which was beautifully moving letter to a lost love. This should not be read in public but is now one of my all time favourite books. I also finished The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann; a comedy writer, who follows her crush to Uganda in the pretence of being a 'real' journalist and 'discovers' the secret war in Northern Uganda. Although she is cringe worthy and totally naive in parts and tries far too hard to be funny, it is still a book that I would recommend, especially if you are familiar with Uganda. Joseph Kony recently came up again in the media rounds, but never seems to stays in the news for very long...it seems that we don't want to hear much about this nut-job. As Bussmann travels up through Uganda, I was flooded with memories of a road trip with a friend a couple of years ago, when we drove up to Kidepo, staying in Gulu and Kitgum onto Kidepo. We were the first of our friends to have done this trip by car in recent years,as it was then deemed safe(er!). It is such a stunning part of the world and it was awful to be reminded of the war that is so well hidden.Bussmann has done a few stand-up shows in Kampala and in Nairobi (at MishMash and at the Talisman)look out for her.

Currently watching -short inspirational videos that are sent to me by one who is off on his own adventures. Like this one...

Currently looking forward to- Saturday,when I'll be escaping to a beach on the Maldives!

Currently training for - Dublin half marathon...well I will...today is a rest day! I have kind of forgotten what my legs are for! I have just signed up for the Munich marathon in October, I am hoping to fall back in love with the sport sooner rather than later.

Currently wishing that-time would slow down.It will be summer before I know it and that marks the end of a school year and goodbyes to friends. I'm not ready for it.

Currently making me happy-sharing happy lists, music that I can sing to, photos of locks on bridges, rereading cognac infused words and seeing my new apartment becoming mine.

Currently loving-this beautiful blog http://www.8ruecaffarelli.com/

Monday, April 15, 2013

Some words are easier


My words seem to be locked in at the moment. My throat is too tight for them to be spoken and time doesn't allow me to write them down just now. They are packed away in boxes, just like my belongings. They'll come out eventually. It is a slow process, just like the move itself. The physical process of moving and making a shiny new apartment homely is tiring. But I am using it as a bit of an excuse too. Cooking properly?...I have no oven yet...going swimming?...I can't find my costume...a short run so the legs don't forget?...I have unpacking to do. It is draining.

The school term is coming to an end this week. Another milestone for the year will pass. I'm not wanting to wish the days away though, happy for the clocks to stop a while. But I am looking forward to some time away, for the holidays to breathe energy back into my body. Time on a beach with the sun warming my skin, with sand in between my toes, with a new book in one hand and a cocktail in the other...then the words will come and a journal will be filled with stories of adventures had and memories made.