Monday, June 3, 2013

Be awesome

I've been reading this because sometimes we need a little help to be our best.

The book has some great ideas of how we ladies can support one another through modern life, how we can be better friends to one another and basically reminds us how we can be awesome. But there are also a couple of laugh out loud excerpts.

I like the "You're Never Too Old For Topshop" chapter particularly!
"...thus, it's not that your 'too old' for Topshop; rather that you're wise enough to know that you should walk straight past the boiler suits and silly logoed underwear and head to the lovely smarter clothes...that are hidden among the party dresses and skirts which are very popular but render the entire world your gynaecologist. "

I read Tina Fey's last year, but this book has none of the sarcastic put-me-downs (what Freeman calls self-deprecating tourettes) that fill the pages of Bossypants.

Thanks for reading my blog. I think you are awesome!

Ps- I went to carpet shopping in the souq on the weekend. It was the first time  I've been to the souq since I've returned to Kuwait. It was a pretty awesome good day.


  1. that rug is gorgeous! are you going to buy one?

  2. I was tempted, but my mum texted me ( in CAPITALS!) to remind me that they have far too I can take one from them and they wouldn't even notice! Ha.


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