Monday, April 15, 2013

Some words are easier


My words seem to be locked in at the moment. My throat is too tight for them to be spoken and time doesn't allow me to write them down just now. They are packed away in boxes, just like my belongings. They'll come out eventually. It is a slow process, just like the move itself. The physical process of moving and making a shiny new apartment homely is tiring. But I am using it as a bit of an excuse too. Cooking properly?...I have no oven yet...going swimming?...I can't find my costume...a short run so the legs don't forget?...I have unpacking to do. It is draining.

The school term is coming to an end this week. Another milestone for the year will pass. I'm not wanting to wish the days away though, happy for the clocks to stop a while. But I am looking forward to some time away, for the holidays to breathe energy back into my body. Time on a beach with the sun warming my skin, with sand in between my toes, with a new book in one hand and a cocktail in the other...then the words will come and a journal will be filled with stories of adventures had and memories made.

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