Tuesday, April 30, 2013

R&R in the Maldives

I've returned from the Maldives  feeling refreshed and relaxed.My trainers were worn today as proof of this new found energy.

My friend, Kat and I stayed on a little local island called Thulusdhoo.The island had about 3 little guest houses and the locals went out of their way to make the few tourists that they got feel happy...well..not too happy...being a Muslim country there was a strict ban on alcohol and bikinis! But honestly,we still feel our choice of island, rather than a resort island, was perfect.

Little daily activities on our local island kept me from thinking too intrinsically. Swimming along the coastline,fighting the current to the tree and back,working up to twice..then further still to the hammock. Snorkeling; which blocked all the white noise from our world as we explored another and making good use of the yoga mat I carried, by lying as a corpse in shavasana! Yes,the local island was perfect for the body and soul.

I found that fraction of myself that I gave away recently. I don't know how long, in the real world of the sandpit, I'll hold onto it.

Time had little meaning on our little island. The call to pray was unobtrusive, the calming of the waters in the late afternoon signaled time for sundowners and time when my friend and I really talked and shared;both enjoying the quiet in each others company throughout the day only broken occasionally  to share quotes from books we were reading or to discuses the size of the coconut we would share. As grateful as we were for some quiet, we both sought out mini adventures; befriending a local to teach us how to make rotis in her kitchen,a bit of night fishing,exploring a nearby island and teaching a local boy how to win at Uno (a life long skill I feel!) were enough to make us fall asleep soundly at the end of each day.

The last morning, we rose for sunrise, to enjoy one more morning swim in the shallow clear waters.We didn't meditate,but in our own way,in our quiet on the beach,we were resetting the balance of life and preparing ourselves for the journey back and returning to the sandpit.

We said goodbye to the local island that had quickly become home and made our way to the airport,sighting flying fish and dolphins,whizzing by private boats and resort islands. As the plane then took off over the turquoise waters,my breathe was taken away,just as it was when we arrived 6 days earlier.The sandy shallow waters with a likeness to craters on the moon;the sea a spectrum of colours from aqua to dark blue,stunningly beautiful.I'm going to save those images for a rainy day.

Right life,I'm ready for you, give me your best shot!

PS - Amazing as it was, I was very excited about being able to have a coffee with fresh milk. Sometimes, it is the little things!


  1. absolutely breathtaking!!!! looks like an incredible trip!! so jealous! :)

  2. Oh it gorgeous! Now my travel bug has bit even harder! Thanks for sharing the photos! :)

  3. It was fab. There are now 'cheap' flights from Dubai and by staying on a local island we saved there.would def recommend doing it that way.

  4. Wow looks like it was wonderful! We could use a fun trip to the beach like this. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  5. I found you over on Love Taza. You have a lovely blog! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons
    Stop over if you'd like!

  6. Thanks Lisa, we did. I love Love Taza's blog-glad you found me!

  7. Simply stunning! It looks so relaxing! I didn't know it is a Muslim country.

    And my sister and I have intense UNO face-offs each summer :)

  8. Wow! Looks so amazing! I think I now need to add this to my "to go" list, it looks incredible.


  9. This looks like so much un.. but seriously.. no bikinis? What did you wear to the beach? x

  10. I love my kindle..but need to stop using blogger on it as everything is a bit quick...I just deleted two comments...Sorry Charlotte...thanks for visiting!

    The bikini thing..Yes..tricky..we were fine in the sea and unmatched between the trees...but we did have a couple of warnings from the police...So we then took it a bit more seriously!

  11. Just found your blog via Rinse, Repeat and am so glad I found it. Love how you put that you found that little bit of yourself you seem to have misplaced recently. I felt exactly the same way just getting back from South Africa. So well put. Looking forward to regular reading!

  12. Hi jess!Glad you found me.thank you.holidays are not just good for our soul,but essential!


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