Thursday, April 18, 2013


Currently thinking about-the Boston Marathon bombing. This tragic event has led my friend to sign up for next year's race. Good on you, Colin! Such is the camaraderie and spirit of marathon runners.

Currently listening to- Milo Greene.Can't get sick of their album. Also loving Laura Mvula (have a listen to Green Garden if you don't already know it).

Currently reading- A Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltze. I only just started it, not being able to wait for the holidays...I am engrossed already.

I recently finished two books that I wanted to share:
Melisande!What Are Dreams by Hillel Hakin; which was beautifully moving letter to a lost love. This should not be read in public but is now one of my all time favourite books. I also finished The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann; a comedy writer, who follows her crush to Uganda in the pretence of being a 'real' journalist and 'discovers' the secret war in Northern Uganda. Although she is cringe worthy and totally naive in parts and tries far too hard to be funny, it is still a book that I would recommend, especially if you are familiar with Uganda. Joseph Kony recently came up again in the media rounds, but never seems to stays in the news for very seems that we don't want to hear much about this nut-job. As Bussmann travels up through Uganda, I was flooded with memories of a road trip with a friend a couple of years ago, when we drove up to Kidepo, staying in Gulu and Kitgum onto Kidepo. We were the first of our friends to have done this trip by car in recent years,as it was then deemed safe(er!). It is such a stunning part of the world and it was awful to be reminded of the war that is so well hidden.Bussmann has done a few stand-up shows in Kampala and in Nairobi (at MishMash and at the Talisman)look out for her.

Currently watching -short inspirational videos that are sent to me by one who is off on his own adventures. Like this one...

Currently looking forward to- Saturday,when I'll be escaping to a beach on the Maldives!

Currently training for - Dublin half marathon...well I is a rest day! I have kind of forgotten what my legs are for! I have just signed up for the Munich marathon in October, I am hoping to fall back in love with the sport sooner rather than later.

Currently wishing that-time would slow down.It will be summer before I know it and that marks the end of a school year and goodbyes to friends. I'm not ready for it.

Currently making me happy-sharing happy lists, music that I can sing to, photos of locks on bridges, rereading cognac infused words and seeing my new apartment becoming mine.

Currently loving-this beautiful blog

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