Monday, February 25, 2013

Seville Marathon...done!

5 hours and 3 minutes.

The holiday can now really begin!

(P.s. Things that went through my head that I will forget...
1. The half marathon is my distance.
2. I don't need to do another marathon just to break 5 hours!
Remind me of  these things.)


  1. You are amazing! Congrats. My distance still remains to be a 5k. My mind isn't there yet to run longer.

  2. Congratulations! Running a marathon is on my bucket list and you are officially my hero for tackling it. Hope you celebrated good :)


  3. Well done! An achievement for sure!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's a pretty awesome time, I think. Pretty sure it'd take my 5 DAYS to complete a marathon. :)

  5. Jenn- 5 turns into 10,10 into a half then soon you'll be doing a full me!
    Jenna- thanks,feel like the holiday is celebration enough.
    Paul- thank you.. I still think so...
    Stephanie- thank you for popping over to say hello.sure you could do it..but the training does take time...possibly not the best idea fir wedding planning time...!x

  6. Great job! What a great place to run a marathon! And PS I bet you will run another and you will beat 5 hours! :)


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