Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bahrain Marathon Relay

After a few too many drinks with my friends in Dubai a couple of weeks ago, we decided to sign up for the Bahrain Marathon Relay. My buddy Kirsten and I were the sensible ones out of the group and decided to do split the marathon between the two of us, so we both did 21 km...a few of the crazies did the full.

It was such a fantastic, low-key event. The support among all the runners on the loop course was brilliant and I hope to do it again next year.

Three of my friends were leaders in their field (yes-I have amazing friends!)-the trophies were presented by Brent (above) who was made Bahrain his 199th marathon! 199! Inspiring stuff!

The split times haven't been published yet (and as I still have no watch, I just tried to enjoy the run and listened to my body) so I don't know my half marathon time- but together our time was 4 hours and 21-pretty chuffed-this meant that the 14 hours of drinking that followed was definitely deserved! Right!?

PS- I'll tell you more about my wee trip to Bahrain, my country of birth another night...but tonight is a night for rest and recovery!


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