Sunday, February 3, 2013


Currently (re)reading - I Dreamed of Africa by Kuki Gallmann

I finished Tiny Sunbirds Far Away, which was fabulous. I enjoy escaping to Africa before I sleep, so I thought I would reread one of my favourite stories about a life full of love and loss in Kenya. Although, I think this is a bit like looking at photos of an ex, kind of opening all the wounds maybe I should stop it.

Currently training for - Seville Marathon.
My running buddy are doing the Bahrain marathon relay this weekend (half each), then we will just fit in a few short, fast (for-me) runs before Espana. Ole! I am so excited about my second marathon- the tag line, 'the flattest marathon in Europe' sold it for me!

Currently watching- Mad Men Season Five. Love it. Makes me want to wear red lipstick and high heals more. Still watching Downton Abbey-but limit myself to one episode per week.

Currently thinking about- running. Really, that is pretty much it. I'm not worried about anything and just plan my meals and my training schedule, that is it. I work hard, but this year it is so much easier to leave my work head at school. I think much more in the short term at the moment, weekend plans, holidays, races. I have no idea where I want to be next year, but that is OK, I am not thinking about it at the moment.

Currently enjoying -the weather. Our short winter seems to be over and Spring has arrived. No more tights and jackets for 11 months (oh, apart from the summer in Scotland!).

Currently listening to- Milo Greene (perfect for weekend cooking sessions), Silent Way and 1957 are favourites.


  1. enjoy your early spring.. we just cleared snow from our driveway

  2. I wish I had paced myself with Downton Abbey. Like a little piggy I gorged myself on it and now there's none left. :(

  3. Yes Mad Men!!!!!!!! I watched all five seasons in a matter of a week! My style wants to be way more inspired too :)

  4. I love reading these posts. I haven't watched Mad Men or Downton Abbey; I am kind of saving them both for a rainy day. I have heard they are both great! I also love Parenthood and Top Chef.

  5. Kyria-WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING! Mad men is a must! Downton can be done on a rainy sunday! I haven't heard of Parenthood or Top Chef to be honest-will look out for them.


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