Monday, October 22, 2012

This week

Today is Monday, yet it is my third working day this week.


The schools are closed Friday an Saturday, that is the weekend here for most people. This past weekend though we had parent consultations on Saturday. One day weekends are no fun...I quickly found that out in Kenya...I would not enjoy a job where that is the norm. I don't know how my Dad has done it for all these years.

Thankfully though we are off from Thursday for Eid.

Meeting the parents is always quite enjoying. Such funny and bizarre stories I have stored away. And such lovely gifts (I forgot about that perk!), flowers (quite a treat in Kuwait), perfume, body parent even brought me a coffee and a bucketful of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (ahhh, so great...yet so not helpful!). I may not be in Africa, but bribery is still rife. Love it!

I have been clear though, I will not accept any bribes for an A...anything less than an i-phone that is. Joking. (Of course..!) Flowers will do!

My local flower stall in Nairobi


  1. I have 1 day weekends. They're rubbish.

  2. I love the bribes! Keep 'em coming, especially the coffee!

  3. Mud-I think I will now teach for life...two day weekends are essential!

    Kyria-so glad you approve. It made my day sooo much better! :)

  4. Love all the gifts they brought you!

    I hear you on the 1-day weekends. I'm looking forward to wedding season winding down a bit so I can have Saturdays again!

  5. haha, i love that the one parents brought you krispy kremes-- too funny!

  6. yep Lindsey-preferred them and my coffee over my perfume!


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