Saturday, March 24, 2012

The University of Life

It's the holidays. I have three wonderfully long weeks off work. (Oh-apart from having to go in on Monday for meetings and to do ALL the things I haven't.)

It has been a mad term at the 'w' place. I don't want to moan, everyone gets busy, but this term has to have flashed by without me noticing, because I have had no time to do so. At the moment, I keep saying, 'I love Kenya. I just don't have time to enjoy it.'

I recently read an article that pointed out that I may not be 'too busy', I probably just have my priorities wrong. So, for the past two weeks, I have been trying to align them. Of course the 'w' thing is a priority, but I want it to be only that if it a positive aspect in my life. So, to balance this I have been trying to increase my running (and have organised a team for the Lewa half marathon in June) and...wait for it...I have been going to courses at the Brahma Kumaris University.

There. I said it.

If you don't know much about the Brahma Kumaris, you may think it is a cult that will suck me in, then get me to donate all my worldly goods to them...(good luck there Sisters!), but hey, this is completely different to the Catholic church!! (ohhh-shameful!) Until recently, I myself knew NOTHING about the organisation, so I don't blame you for thinking these things. (And honestly, I had a moment the other day, before I began my evening's meditation, that I was sitting in a dark building in Nairobi, with a women dressed in white and nobody knew where I scream would not be heard...duh duh duh! I have obviously lived to tell the tale!)

 The organisation is not religious based, but really focuses on finding our soul's true power and being, Peace. "Yes, hello! I'll have some of that!" I said as I pushed the old women in front of me in the line, out of the way!

For me, although it is not religious based, it has been a bit like going to church. My group has become more comfortable in the past few sessions and our discussions are becoming more meaningful and interesting. The Sisters that guide us on these sessions are the most wonderfully positive people and the energy in the building is amazing; you quickly feel part of  a community.

My life has not transformed over the past couple of weeks. If anything, it has been more stressful than ever. The 'w' thing, a mans hand in my car window, professional development and end of termtitus. But, going to the University has meant I schedule and prioritise that time for me. A quiet, very private time, which has helped me stay positive (for about 5 minutes every morning!) and calm in my everyday life. 

Although, on the downside, I have had no time to go food shopping, so haven't had an evening meal at home for 8 days. (But, this may mean I will fit into my dress for the Irish ball!!! See-look at me go with this positivity thing!!!!)

Over the next few weeks, I am planning on spending more time on getting my priorities back in order. Which means, for me, spending some quality time with friends.Overdue emails sent. Phone calls to the Bank (no, not you Dad!) Some long, slow runs. Yoga sessions. Downton Abbey nights.  Meals out. And late night shisha. I am off to Uganda in just over a week  and looking forward to seeing more friends then.

Om Shanti.


  1. I think some of it is an age thing. When I was younger I dismissed yoga/meditation etc etc as hippy rubbish. But my mind is starting to change. I am still far from being an airy fairy crystals and incense sort of a girl - but my mind is more open these days. And making time for You in a busy schedule has to be healthy. I think I may need to do the same!

  2. It all sounds good :) Hope you are well XOL

  3. Maybe Mud. But as you said-time for us must be healthy.

    Am good thanks Laura!

  4. I keep meaning to make time for meditation, but of course I haven't done it yet. Maybe this year...


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