Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The misadventures of a single, white female

I never talk about my blog. I love reading comments. But if someone talks about it I find I get rather embarrassed. 

The realisation that someone I know, a friend, read the rubbish I wrote about my visit to the Cheese Farm....or whatever it was.

But it is flattering all the same.  That is how I felt the other day, when conversation over shisha surprisingly turned to my blog. (You sweet, sweet lady!)

I then think: I should write more. I should use spell check spend more time on my posts. I should have more of a focus. Maybe I should write about my experiences of an International jet setter teacher.

But all I really want to tell you, is, that in the past day I have tried two new (to me) restaurants. Eaten crab with a bib on at Seven(...well...eaten my be a bit of an overstatement...I cracked and poked and dug...but did not each much!), I met the most well behaved and beautiful baby, Iseult at Osteria, where we finished our meal with ice-cream...well her mum and I. The best ice-cream in Nairobi. Thankfully it is a long drive from where I live, otherwise I would be there everyday this holiday!

Not very productive, or very exciting or very adventurous is it?

My eyes are not as fresh as they first were. Life in Africa has now become the norm for me. A fantastic norm, don't get me wrong, but I no longer do a double take at the women carrying a heavy load of eucalyptus on the busy road or get uptight at the mutatu driver that feels the need to undertake me. Africa has struck a chord inside, but I forget to appreciate it at times. I feel though, that no matter where I go to next, whenever that will be, I will always be drawn back to Africa, even just to smell it through words in a novel. (You know- that dusty, burnt rubbish smell! Only joking!)

Amazing as Africa is, and I think it is, it is expensive here. The cost of living, like other parts of East Africa, has risen so much that the 'good life' is not so easily attainable. Even many white Kenyans, with their rusty Landies and Bata boots, now head to the Middle East to earn a living so that they can repair their coffee machine (well...that bit I obviously made up...but you know what I mean!)

So-my blog has drifted. I am going to try again to see things a new. To write about life like I'll go tomorrow. To journal my experiences, so that they are on paper, for me to read and remember in the future, so that I have somewhere to travel back to, if I need to.


  1. when i have time i enjoy reading your blog. i think you write from the heart—keep it up! ; )

  2. I read your blog regularly, although I don't always comment. There is no point in writing unless you feel inspired, for sure, but there is a lot going on in your "norm" that is interesting to outsiders.

  3. thank you, you quiet readers. I'm going to look for inspiration...with my eyes open

  4. This is such a good reminder to look at every day things with fresh eyes.

  5. Wowsers!
    Not only did you help me to 'see' Africa with renewed eyes, you actually made them pop a couple of times when you wrote throwaway comments like the lady carrying the eucalyptus bundle - I didn't even realise that this was a harvestable product!

    I look forward to reading your adventures and would love to see inside schools in your new pocket of the world as I'm a teacher too.

    Happy day Lovely & thank you for visiting me by the sea for the new POTM seeing the button in your sidebar btw - thank you.

  6. thanks felicity, for coming by on the hop, from the beach!

  7. Discovering your blog via Serendipity, this is such an interesting post. I think that the longer you are anywhere, the more difficult it is to see the 'freshness'. Familiarity breeds contempt etc. But good on you for renewing your efforts - it will indeed be a wonderful place to which to travel back.

  8. Allison-thank you for your comment. it is better to go through this world with our eyes wide open. glad you found me!

  9. I'm definitely trying to write when I feel inspired, not obligated. I know, it is so weird when acquaintances refer to a previous post - but it is good they feel some connection. Things in the UK are incredibly expensive, but I've found prices in the US to have skyrocketed too. I think it is global. Keep writing :)


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