Monday, March 26, 2012


Current guilty pleasure: Breakfast out. Today I even went without the morning run...I am on holiday after all!

Current blogging about: The 'w' thing...which I have tried very hard NOT to do.

Current fashion trend: Haaa! I am sporting a new hair that is my current trend.

Current drink: I am staying off, water.

Current food: Charcoal chrackers- can't decide if I like them, or I eat them just becuase they are supposed to be good for me!

Current playlist –Need new music! Have not found away to keep my Christmas music on my itunes, without them playing when I press 'shuffle'.Can I 'hide' them somehow?

Currently reading - Old copies of Runner's World magazines and Ahdaf Soueif's 'The Map of Love', which I really can't get into.

Current TV Show –I've been watching The Tudors. I borrowed the second series from a friend, never having seen it before. Hooked. And....Modern Family. Again, never heard of it before my friend lent me the 3 series, but the gay couple in it crack me up...and I am starting to love Phil (it took a while!).

Current excitement – The holidays! I'm off to Uganda to catch-up with friends and have time out.

Current bane of my existence - Work. Really-do I have to go?

Current wish list – A flat tummy...without having to work out.

Current websiteLewa Marathon website 

Currently delaying - Making decisions about my professional development...

Current Mood - Stressed

What are you currently into?

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