Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Switiching off the white noise-the story behind the retreat

It is lovely to put up photos of the beautiful scenery that I get to enjoy in Kenya, the big sky of Africa and the animals that live here. It is lovely to hear comments about how lucky I am. But it is not always the life I get to enjoy; real life gets in the way sometimes. 

Last week I could have been in Barry or Beillericay (thanks Tania for the box set!!) as it is that time of year again...report writing.

I was feeling rather low, but that was not the only reason for it: I have lost my running legs and fear they will be hard to find again. I haven’t had time to enjoy the white shiny cafes and bars that I was looking forward to so much when I was in Uganda and I miss my friends that know me. My mind was busy with pretty negative thoughts and it was hard to swtich off the white noise.

Something I haven't admitted to you is how hard it was arriving at Jomo Kenyatta airport knowing that the African Adventurer was not meeting me. It. was. tough. I am not as tough as I think I am, sometimes. 

It has been hard to meet friends outside of school...as I seem to spend most of my time there this should not be surprising! I was a bit over excited when I drove someone I met at yoga home the other night...!Saddooo!

So...as a little pick-me-up; to help my body and soul get back into shape, I went off on a yoga retreat on the weekend. 

It was  held in a little lodge a few hours north of the city. I spent the weekend in the bush, beding my legs into Lotus, sweating in downward dog and attempting to lift my entire body on my little pinky. (Well not quite!!-but I do suddenly have muscles where I never had them before!) We talked in hushed whispers, preserving the peace and quite.  Spent hours gazing into the yellow moon and burning it into our memories - thinking only about our breathing.  But when my mind did drift, I thought about my friends and family around the world and thought about how lucky I am.

Oh dear-those photos of skies again!

PS- I met some lovely new friends! And I am off to yoga tonight to see them! Hooray!


  1. Life is a bit of a jungle too sometimes, isn't it? But then a yoga retreat in the middle of it, it sound more like civilization to me :-)

  2. I've decided to try yoga in a new country too! Met a lovely Kiwi girl who teaches it and have signed up. The first class also involved massage - a handy life skill! One thing about moving to strange and wonderful places is the chance to try new things. And why not!

  3. Mud-you've moved again! A massage is a lovely end to the class!

    Thanks Pet!

    PS- I have changed my font (did you notice...) is it easy (easier!) to read??

  4. It is always challenging to start again in a new place, loneliness & moments of sadness are often there.
    But slowly it will change - yoga retreat is a great way to focus on what is important and meet new friends at the same time!
    Have a lovely week-end and thanks for the lovely photos shared.

  5. I loove yoga! I actually started doing it again yesterday and it felt sooo good after so much time without it. It made me feel clumsy, compared to how good shape I was in when I did it all the time.

    I hope you'll find your running legs soon!

  6. Such a lovely blog and post! I'm visiting you from the FTLOB page, and I didn't get disappointed!
    I can relate to you when it comes to leaving friends and having to find your way in a completely different surrounding and language. But in the end we have to be grateful that we had a chance to make such an experience, right? So many people in this world don't have the same opportunities.

    Have a nice Sunday, and see you soon hopefully! :)

    Love, Aleksandra.

  7. Thanks Aleksandra-totally agree-just ups and downs.

  8. Sorry to hear about your running - I used to run marathons & triathlons, but no longer with my knees. It was a huge part of our social circle of friends. So I get your sadness of something that brought so much joy.

    Being lonely is certainly a less appealing part of being an expat. At times I feel unsettled by having no idea how long we will be here...

  9. Wishing you a great Sunday! Sounds like a great retreat! I am hoping that once my surgery heals I will be able to start yoga.

  10. Ah, I'm glad you're doing well except for the knee problems and the moving. It's a lot for a month.

  11. Thanks for the kind comments.
    Yoga has been a great boost to the social life-looking forward to a few more months down the road though.

    American in Bath-my knees are fine-just am not in my running grove at the moment. But thank you!

  12. Wow. What an experience! So glad you were able to enjoy the peace and quiet and drift off into comforting thoughts of friends and family.

    Check out my blog at:

  13. Sounds like a little dip in the moving time line. I have had the same dip at the same time and am missing the old and the familiar. Good for you for shaking it out and going to Yoga. Must feel so good.

  14. 3limes-so right. Glad I am not the only one. Ups and downs-although more ups. Went to yoga again tonight and feel lots better. Looking forward to a few months down the line.x


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