Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My birthday weekend

Armed with birthday breakfast goodies from Artecaffe, my friend Jeni and I heading to Nairobi National Park to hunt down some lions and their cubs.

The 5am get up meant that there were not that many other cars in the park (not surprising for a Saturday morning..!-but it also meant that by lunchtime I was ready for nap!).

Once the early morning mist had lifted the animals came out of their hiding.

We searched high and low for the lions, but they were not at number 5 or 7 where they should have been!hmm. Eventually we found a lone lioness on the prowl-  we thought she was going to go in for a kill at one point; the zebra nervously huddled together and the four ostrich trotted off to protect their eggs...but the lioness didn't seem that bothered and after sniffing around for a while continued on her journey.

It was a great start to the day-but I am still quietly hoping that next year I will be able to run the NYC marathon!

PS-  I know I have hundreds of photos of zebra-but that doesn't stop me taking hundreds more!


  1. Oh, this is the Africa I want to see!

  2. OH my goodness you live an adventurous life! Hunting for lion cubs? Wow, that makes just about everything I do on a daily basis seem b-o-r-i-n-g :) Enjoy this wonderful stage of life! And be safe Robyn :)


  3. not at all Stephanie-your life and blog is full of beauty. We can swap for a while if you would like?

  4. Hello! My Mom has advised me to come across your blog post. And I’d like to say that I really appreciate what you’re doing here.


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