Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being thankful

It is American Thanksgiving tomorrow. If I celebrated this, I know it would be my favourite holiday. Not as commercial as some of the others perhaps. Just time to be with family and eat LOTS! Sounds great!

Today, my class at school visited their community development link. It was there first visit to the Cheryl's Children's Home, the project that this year group support.

As every community development link, both sides should be able to learn and grow from each other, rather than just a handing over of money or gifts. But, I have learnt, these visits for children in International (or Prep) schools can be quite difficult. From large houses, cars, classrooms, filled with belongings that we forget we want, to empty, dark shells of buildings. No wonder some children feel awkward in the basic surroundings; wide eyed, quiet and too shy to meet new buddies. 

However, today was not like that at all.

The older girls and boys at the home, led my pupils on guided tours of the Home and chatted to them with ease. My pupils soon felt more relaxed and soon the building was a buzz of laughter and high pitched happy squeals. Songs were sang, lunch was shared and genuine friendships began.

Some of the children at the Home shared their story of how they ended up being in care. Honest and harrowing, but their stories all had a happy ending middle end-of-the-beginning; all were thankful for the help they had been given, thankful they had been found and are looking forward, to a bright future. Dreams were shared, hopes of  being pilots, teachers and nurses.

Everyone in the room was thankful. Thankful that the children in the Home were now getting the love and care they deserved.  Thankful for the love and care we have around us. Myself; thankful for the loving, understanding and supportive (the BEST!) family at the end of a phone, friends that make the journey through life much more fun, the education I was given to get me where I am, the job, the car, the shelter, the luxuries and comforts that we take for granted, a full belly (!), a healthy body that can run (half!) marathons and help calm my mind during yoga and thankful for the love I have been given to share with others.

What are you thankful for?

PS -I think I need to start up my 3BTs (3 Beautiful Things) again.


  1. They seem truly happy. Our kids should know what true happiness is. Happy Thankgsgiving and eat lots of food. I'm so sure it will be YUMMY!

  2. I love Kenya! Thanks for sharing your life there! May you experience many blessings today!

  3. Nothing makes a person more thankful than seeing the world through the less lucky's eyes. i am so lucky to have lived with my kids in South Africa where we saw a lot of poverty, and we were given a larger sense of gratitude because of that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of those you are helping!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your day! The children look very happy to be together and love is shared which is the most beautiful thing you can get.
    Happy Thanksgiving! And enjoy the time with your loved ones & the food!
    Have a blessed and happy day.

  5. no thanksgiving meal for meal-as i said-not a holiday i celebrate. but always a good excuse to count our blessings.
    Especially since, on some days, my good deeds, are letting the children in class have a longer break..!hmm!

  6. Looks like a great experience for everyone. So many smiling faces!

  7. What great photos...the kids there look similar to the kids here in Belize!!

    joy and blessing to you,


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