Sunday, October 2, 2011

Surfing in Nairobi

I've lost track how long I have been here - it's not long but it is October.

I'm lost under weekly plans and observation guidelines; our inspection is nearing and everyone at the 'w' place feels a bit sick. I could work all hours of every day at the moment. My bags and boxes aren't unpacked, but it will happen at some point.

This morning I made time for me and a muddy trail run in the forest near my cottage; spotting a dikdik and vervet monkeys on the way. I've also been testing out my new wheels...yep..I am now 'surfing' in Nairobi!


  1. Sounds like a great run! Those dikdiks sure are funny looking. So tiny! So is "surfing" like driving? What is it?

  2. am 'surfing' becuase my car is a surf hilux-am just being silly- it is kind of like driving-only better!

  3. Oh, that you are a snob! Surfing in Nairobi, like driving but better. Ok, I'm surfing in my mind now through your little monkey forest. Thanks for the ride :-)


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