Saturday, October 22, 2011

The road-trip returns

The road changed from smoky highways as we left Nairobi, to red dust and blue skies of Tsavo, to the sandy tracks and palm trees by the coast and back again. Over potholes, passing eles and impala and slow moving lorries. 'Never a dull moment', is putting it mildly.

We began our journey home yesterday and continued as the sun set and the banket of stars covered us, we drove over 900km and are now back in Nairobi planning next adventures and future escapes.

As the headlights caught the dusty striped bottoms of more zebra and our tired-drunk conversation in the cars turned to hysteria, we were waved on through our tenth police stop and drove through the city limits- that was last night/this morning. Now my mind is restless but my eyes are tired. I can't face doing much today and am glad that a wee injury gives me an excuse to rest for the day. I look forward to sorting my photos and telling my tales.


  1. I like the picture of the red sand truck getting lost in the horizon. But I guess is one of this romantic images of the people like me who haven't been in Africa. Well, I've been in Morocco, 3 times along the last 20 years, and from Marrakesh towards the Atlas mountains there is that taste of Africa too.

  2. Truly amazing Africa is forever etched in my mind and perhaps oneday, I will make it there to visit and explore.
    Stopping by from ftlob :D


  3. How I love Africa, and how I long to return. thanks for bringing back the memories. We've joined in the link from the love of blogs with the love of my life and her love of art at

  4. These pictures are awesome! You certainly captured them at the right moment. I am a new Follower of your Blog. I learnt about it from For The Love of Blogs.

  5. Great photos and storytelling! I wonder what the "Dead Slow" sign means?

    Just stopped by from FTLOB comment love day to say hi!!

  6. What a lovely blog! Love how you write, love the photos also especially the one in the rearview mirror!

  7. Thanks-nice having new visitors and followers!

  8. Wonderful descriptive photos. Is that line of lorries parked or moving? Sorry to hear about the dog bite - ouch! With the current state of affairs, are you allowed to stay in Kenya? I'm sure I'm not following world news as closely as I should; you have been on my mind lately.

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club from Kenya :) XOLaura

  9. Laura - They are moving-slowly slowly-they are all getting weighed for the road...a long process. 'Allowed to stay' - ofcourse-who would throw us out. Although the security threats are real-where does not have these problems. Life for me has gone on as normal here-long may that continue. Thanks for the monthly party -as always! x


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