Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We are sailing.

Morning coffee before we set sail.

A bit more from my wee sail with the Nesbitt family up the Gareloch, the Clyde and Loch Long.


When I wasn't busy at the winch, I did quite a good job at not letting out yelps of fear. I always forget that, really, I just like being on the water when there is no wind and possibly even more when the boat is roped to the buoy! Consdering I have been sailing quite a few times, I still have no idea what to do, I just always make sure I am in a 'ready position' to jump into the water if the boat capsizes..! I do know that the boat in the photo above is goose-winging though..!(not ready for any sort of sailing badge-so don't test me!)We did a bit of that too.

We waved at the Waverly- you have to look REALLY closely!
Mum and Dad were also invited for a sail, Mum was quite enthusiastic at first and looked out her stripy nauticail T-shirt, then remembered that she found the crossing on a ferry a bit stressful! She decided to enjoy the sunshine with Dad on dry land instead.

Mum got a photo of us sailing down the loch!

We really were so lucky, the wind gave us some good sails, we enjoyed some beer as we sat in the sun, ate great food, sang a bit of Rod and took lots of photos! What more could you ask for?


  1. I llove sailing - well I mean I like being on a sailing boat.

  2. I am useless on a sailboat. It looks beautiful - welcome 'home' :) XOL

  3. I love sailing! I've always felt comfortable on the water (even though I get seasick). You seemed to enjoy it though--even with the fear.

  4. I love these photos- you all look so happy :-) I've never been sailing (just on boats). I doubt I'd be good but would like to be on one, it seems so peaceful.


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