Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My new Nikon

My new camera arrived today. Yeah! I played with it in the garden for a while this evening.


  1. Very nice! What kind is it? I've been lusting after a Nikon for aaaaaages.

  2. I just bought a Nikon, too, and am loving it. I had used Canons for 20 years and wanted another one (to replace the one I broke), but here in the U.S. there's been somewhat of a camera shortage due to the earthquake in Japan. It seems the Nikon factory must have been the first to start shipping again because those are the ones on sale in most stores here.

  3. Love the photos and good luck with the move - found you via Mud - I too am a big African fan (check out the elephants on my blog!) Lx

  4. I have only used it briefly last night-but it is great. Wendy it is a D3100 - there are so many out there-but as a beginner SLR user I thought this would be good.
    @Family affaris- welcome. thanks for coming-I will check out those eles!

  5. Hi. Love your photos. Found you through FTLOB.

  6. Funny I came over from For The Love of Blogs. But I think I have been to your blog before.

    I am so jealous of your new camera. I want DSLR so bad.

    Love the shot of the gnarly tree.


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