Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A mini African Adventure

I recently met a modern day Denys Finch Hatton ...all that is missing is his Gypsy Moth! So I jumped at the chance (ok, that is not quite true-more like beaten into submission!) at the offer of a mini adventure in Nairobi; a place that although close in locality to Kampala, is a million miles away in every other sense.

There is something very special about being able to turn right out of a city street, to drive through a park gate and five minutes later be able to go lion hunting or to picnic with the giraffes...I saw 21, but who is counting???

Or to have sundowners with new friends on the Ngong Hills...cold as it was, it was beautiful... and gave me a chance to wear my Barbour coat that Jo sent me!!
A mini road trip for sundowners on the Ngong Hills

This is a good picnic spot!

The African Sky

All in all, well worth missing the Christmas staff party for!  Now, just a few more days before I can show off my improved safari skills to my parents, they arrive for their RUT on Friday!


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