Sunday, December 5, 2010

Didn't you get the memo?

Who knew running a road race could be so much  fun!?

This morning I ran 10km in a sea of yellow around Kampala; I was part of a gang that had 24 999 other was pretty cool!

I have never seen a race before where everyone actually wore the race shirt...and it was quite a sight! I missed that memo and wore black!!

There were so many runners that my friends and I were separated pretty much as we jumped over the fence (literally) at the starting line. But that didn't matter; I met new running buddies along the way; some wanting 'lifts' ( a bit of a helping hand to get them through the race!) others just a wee chat and company. I ran  past some and was passed by others.

I enjoyed the whole run...a smile was on my face and I just cool is this! I didn't wear a watch so had no pressure of time, I just wanted to be part of the experience and enjoy it; which I did!

Later, at the country club, where I was having guilt-free beer by the pool (it tastes so much better than regular beer!), there were many very happy and very stiff runners, all wanting to share their experience of the run; the guys that jumped on the boda-bodas, the boys running in flip flops and the big bottomed ladies (and men).

Next stop; Two Oceans, Cape Town !

The sea of yellow at the start

Here I am!
Guilt free breakfast!

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