Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are here!!!

I've been sick for over a week, I've been fighting it with vitamin C and powders and tablets. Everyone is sick, but we are all determined to be involved with everything Christmassy that is on offer. School is very anti-Christmas. The word is not uttered, parties do not happen, special winter crafts are not done...or done in secret behind a closed door! Many Kuwaitis put up a tree in there homes and gives gifts...but at school we are supposed to follow the curriculum to that final bell. We ho and hum, but we made it...the holidays have arrived.

As an international teacher the Christmas holidays are my favourite. All the excitement of holidays away but with none of the wretched goodbyes. Just lots of love and hugs and 'can't wait to hear about it in January'.

Today I started packing- sundresses, bikinis and Christmas goodies for Kerry. I'm so excited about my trip to Melbourne that they are overriding my nerves for the marathon in Thailand.

I hate this part of the marathon training though...the waiting...the trusting the plan...the 'not eating too much' (hahaha) and resting part. It makes me feel unfit and unprepared.

But enough of that-the holidays are here and I'm so happy about that.

Go for a wee run on the 22nd ( or 21st night) and send me good vibes please!

I'm out of here!!!!!

If I don't check in before the big day, Merry Christmas!!!

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